Cairo & Alexanderia Tour package

  Welcome to Egypt, and we wish all happiness for your tour of Egypt, we are welcoming you in the amazing  part from the whole world, the Pharaohs and the last Queen Cleopatra inviting you to visit the kingdom of ancient Egypt the tour of seven days in Egypt starting from Alexandria and end to fly from Cairo, and we hope enjoy in your tour and Welcome to your country, Egypt at any time.

Day 1: welcome to cairo airport
Upon arrival at  cairo airport  then you will find our airport representative to meet and greet you and take you to your private air conditioned vehicle transferring you to your hotel to check in.

Day 2: alexanderia full day and Driving to siwa
Early in the morning you will have your breakfast and after checking out you will meet your Egyptologist and tour guide in the lobby who will take you to visit Alexandria sightseeing sites the first place is the catacomb kom el shokafa tombs three levels cut into the rock underground to use as a private tomb but lately used as a public cemetery dates back  to the first century  A.D and remained in use to the fourth century gathering the art of the three great ancient civilizations the Pharaohs,  the Greeks and the Romans after that you will go to see the wonderful Pompeii pillar in the ruins of Alexandria seraphim dedicated to the Roman emperor Diocletian who exempted the Egyptian for paying taxes to Rome and then see the mysterious underground library of Alexandria seraphim temple and then go to see the Roman theater with its marble seats and amazing atmosphere found by chance in 1960. Then go to see the great library in Egypt built to revive the ancient Alexandria bibliotheca taking a shape of sun disc spread the knowledge on the Mediterranean after that enjoy the Mediterranean cost by the castle of Qaitbay built in the 15th century to prevent the attacks of ottomans over the Mediterranean cost in this place you just can walk by the Mediterranean cost with amazing view to the castle of king Qaitbay after that start your drive to el Alamein the famous battle field for the second world War which changed the course of the war in that place you will see the Alamein museum housing a lot of weapons used during the war and you can see the cemetery of the British, American soldiers and the cemetery of German and Italian soldiers after that Continue to Siwa oasis

(B, L, D)

Day 3:
after having your breakfast in the hotel you will start your tour with exploring Amon oracle temple where Alexander the Great went for consulting Amon in 332 B.C after that you will be taken to the purity and serenity in Cleopatra bath it is amazing place and a great feeling when the water of Cleopatra bath touch your feet and then you go to visit the mountain of dead with a mysterious tombs there dates back to the Romans era in Egypt  after that driving to Cairo and checking in a hotel in Cairo.
(B, L, D)

Day 4: Day Tour to sakkara and Giza pyramids
Early in the morning and after having your breakfast in the hotel you will find your guide waiting you at the lobby to take you to Giza pyramids where you can visit the great pyramids one of the seven wonders of ancient world and you will have chance to go inside one of them with extra tickets for Pharaohs pyramids and free for the queen pyramids and then go to the highest place there to enjoy seeing the panoramic view of all the pyramids together after that go to see the sphinx the gigantic statue of Egypt it is a man headed a lion meaning the wisdom and the strength together after that you will have you lunch in a restaurant overlooking the pyramids and then go to Sakkara pyramids where you can see the first pyramid in the history which is the step pyramid built by king Zoser in 2700 B.C after that you be able to go inside a pyramid called TETI pyramid to see the wonderful hieroglyphics representing the early pyramid text and the first phase of the book of dead and then go to see the Mastaba of Kagemni, the vizier of king Teti the sixth dynasty after that back to your hotel. 
(B, L)

Day 5: over Day Tour to Luxor flying by plane 

Early morning our airport representative meet you to take you to the airport to fly to Luxor once you arrive you will meet your guide who will take you to see the Valley of kings it is about 64 tombs cut into the mountain away of the city to prevent the robbery and to let Pharaohs and mummies sleep in peace there you will be able to go inside three tombs with the same ticket. And then go to see the female Pharaoh Hatshepsut temple which is mostly cut into the mountain dedicated to her father god Am
on Ra king of gods in ancient Egypt,  and then see the two legendary giant Statues of  crying Memnon, used to be a a part of a great temple completely destroyed after that take your lunch in Luxor by the river Nile and then move to visit Karnak temple the greatest worship place in the world mainly built for Amon Ra and his triad two thousand years to be completed Karnak temples representing the history of Egypt from the middle Kingdoms until the Romans era. Finally you will visit Luxor temple with its particular obelisk and three religion in one place housing a pagan temple, Coptic church and Muslim Mosque in the same time. 
After that you will take your flight back to Cairo. 

(B, L)

Day 6: city Tour in cairo 

Early in the morning go to see the Egyptian museum housing more than 120,000 masterpieces representing the pharaohs’ art and see the amazing treasure of the golden Pharaoh Tutankhamen discovered by Howard Carter in 1922 and you can see the Royal mummy room with extra ticket after that go to see the castle of Saladin the Citadel used as a royal court for Egyptian kings more than seven hundred years,  see the Alabaster Mosque of Mohamed Ali pasha and you can go inside the mosque to see the Islamic architecture and to see how Muslims practice their prayers after that you can see panoramic view for all over the city. And then go to see Coptic Cairo in old Cairo where you can see the amazing Hanging Church built in the fourth century and see the Abu Serga church housing the crypt where the Holy family stopped for a while after that go to see the synagogue Ben Ezra Jewish temple 

Finally go to the old market of Egypt khan el Khalili bazar where you can feel the real atmosphere of Cairo life and then back to your hotel. 
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Day 7:
After having your breakfast in the hotel and checking out meet our airport representative who will take you to Cairo international airport to take your flight back home.


  • Tour duration: 7 days
  • Meet up point: cairo airport 
  • End point         : Cairo airport
  • Availability:  tour runs everyday

 Tour Includes:

  • Meet and assist services in Alexandria, Luxor and Cairo airports
  • 1 night  hotel in Siwa on H.B basis(standard double room)
  • 5nights in a 5 stars hotel in Cairo on B.B. basis (standard double room)
  • Meals as per itinerary 
  • Private tour
  • Domestic flight to cairo - luxor & luxor- cairo 
  • All transfers by a Private air-conditioned vehicle.
  • Private English Egyptologist guide (other languages available at request).
  • Entrance fees to all the mentioned sites.
  • Free Wi Fi service on board the vehicle.
  • Free snack bag (fruit, chips).
  • Free soft drink
  • Free Bottles of mineral water during your tours.
  • All Service charges & taxes

Tour Excludes:

  • Any Entry visa to Egypt 
  • extras not mentioned in the itinerary
  • Gratuities   (recommended)

Prices Per Person in U.S.D ($)

Adults prices 

  • Single Person = 1700 $
    From 2 to 4 People = 1500 $
    From 5 to 8 People =  1200 $
    from 9 to 15 people = 1100 $

    Children prices 
    Child from (6 to10.99 Y )  = 850 $ 
  • Child Below 6 Years = Free 



  • Visit Best of Cairo 
  • Visit best of Alexandria
  • Private Guided Tour Package 
  • No Hidden Costs
  • Hassle free